A56 – Articulated Rear Tipping Dumptruck


Study Notes


Theory Questions


Course Objectives

  • To understand the Job Role of a Articulated Rear Tipping Dumptruck Operator.
  • Pre-Start Checks on the Machine.
  • Correct Start-Up Produces on the Machine.
  • Functional Checks on the Machine.
  • Configure the Machine ready for Safe operations.
  • To Safely Operate the Machine on rough terrain, Steep inclines, Level ground in a Loaded & unloaded State.
  • Correct positioning of the dump truck to receive loads. 
  • Correct Manoeuvring in confined spaces in forward and reverse direction. 
  • To know the Tipping and Loading areas of the working site.
  • To Understand the Underground, Overhead Services and surrounding Hazards.
  • Discharging Loads into Trenches and over edges.
  • To understand the Safe Working areas.
  • Correct Shutdown and Locking Procedures of the Machine.
  • Correct Loading & Unloading procedures for Machine Transportation.

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A56 - Articulated Rear Tipping Dumptruck

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CPCS Red Trained Operator Card

You will need to complete the following to gain a CPCS Red Trained Operator Card

  1. Pass the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.
  2. Have the Relevant Training on the Particular Plant Machinery
  3. Achieve the CPCS theory test (within two years of the CITB health, safety and environment test)
  4. Achieve the CPCS practical test (within six months of the CPCS theory test and within two years of the CITB health, safety and environment test).

Both CPCS theory and practical tests are delivered by an approved CPCS test centre. The test centre will apply for the card.

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